A: Roshan Digital Account provides an opportunity for Non-Resident / Overseas Pakistanis to remotely open a bank account with SBP designated Pakistani banks through an entirely digital and online process. This account will enable them to avail banking services like funds transfer, remittances, bills & fee payments, and invest in various instruments including stocks / shares.

A: To view the list of banks that are offering the option to invest in Pakistan Capital Market through Roshan Digital Account, please click on the following link:

A: Roshan Digital Account allows multiple options for investment which are as follows:

  • Shares quoted on the stock exchange in Pakistan.
  • Pakistani-rupee denominated Deposit products of the banks maintaining the account.
  • Pakistani rupee-denominated debt securities of Government of Pakistan (including Pakistani-rupee Naya Pakistan Certificates, T-bills, PIBs, Sukuk and any other registered securities of the government as notified from time to time).
  • Residential and commercial real estate

A: A Trading Account is opened on behalf of the Investor with a broker and is used for trading in shares.

A: A. In order to authenticate each trade and transaction executed in the stock market, NCCPL registers investors by assigning a Unique Identification Number (UIN). Registered UINs are provided to the stock exchange by NCCPL and it is mandatory for brokers to enter UIN while trading.

A: A Custody Account is a shares custody account opened with CDC.

A: Direct Settlement Service (DSS) is a web based service through which IAS Account Holders can settle their trades executed at Stock Exchange directly through their respective IAS Account. Investors have to contact the broker only for the execution of trades. Further details about Direct Settlement Service are available on the following link:


A: First, you have to select “Investment in Stock Market” on your bank’s portal / website / app. With the following three further steps, you can start investing in Pakistan Stock Market through Roshan Digital Account:

  • Click on the ‘Consent’ tab to share Roshan Digital Account details with Central Depository Company (CDC) and other capital market entities
  • Click ‘I Agree’ to Terms and Conditions for Investing in Pakistan Capital Market
  • Selection of Broker

A: You will receive an ‘Acknowledgement Email’ from CDC as soon we receive the consent and information from your bank.

A: In 24 hours of receiving the acknowledgement mail from CDC and if your information/credentials were found complete and correct, you will receive an Account Opening Package email from CDC, comprising of the following actions and details:

  1. 1. Opening of your Trading Account with your selected broker.
  2. 2. Creation and Registration of your Unique Identification Number (UIN).
  3. 3. Opening of your Custody Account (CDC Account).
  4. 4. Activation of Direct Settlement Service (DSS) in your Investor Account (if you have opted for the same).
  5. 5. Creation of your CDC Web Access Login ID and Password.

A: You will be contacted directly by your broker regarding its Fee and Commission Structure and other trading details. Please note that before the opening of your Trading Account, broker will perform its own due diligence and may ask for more details / information.

A: Before you initiate your first trade, you have to initiate a Fund Transfer request from your Roshan Digital Account to CDC Bank Account maintained with your bank (details of which were provided with the Account Opening Package).

A: You can purchase shares through broker’s online trading app / portal easily within the amount transferred by you to CDC.

A: At T+2 (2 business days after transaction), CDC will pay cash on your behalf against the purchase and will receive shares in your CDC Account. CDC will notify you about the transaction.

A: All Corporate Action entitlements will be credited in your CDC Account. Your Cash Dividends will also be made available with CDC. All information regarding Corporate Actions will be provided to your bank and will be available to you through CDC Access web portal and app.

A: At T+2 (2 business days after transaction), CDC will transfer the shares out of your CDC Account and will receive cash on your behalf, which will be readily available for any further transactions.

A: You can sell your already purchased shares through your broker’s online trading app / portal easily.

A: CDC will pay your broker’s commission from the cash transferred by you from your Roshan Digital Account to CDC bank account.

A: NCCPL charges are applicable on the clearing of trades and will be deducted by CDC, details of which will be provided to you. For schedule of NCCPL’s fee and charges, please refer

A: No, this service is FREE-OF-COST for Overseas Pakistanis.